AGLOCO – Earn some money online

Back to the good old days! Now we can [probably] earn some good money by doing something we really like: surf the internet. AGLOCO is a new Internet Venture where you get shares and money by browsing the net while using their viewbar, as well by the time your referrals spend doing it. If you’re […]

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You should start young

Great post by John Chow. Read it and understand why you should start doing “your business” as soon as possible. I haven’t done it that way and feel I should’ve. The older you get the riskier it gets, you have more responsibilities, more to lose, more preoccupations… Follow my advice, follow John’s.

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Employees first

While reading How to do well by doing good, by, I saw this interesting paragraph from Howard Schultz, Starbucks‘ chairman: [..] we tried everything we could to exceed the expectations of our customers. But we knew that to achieve that goal we had to first exceed the expectations of our people. [..]. That was […]

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We don’t need pilots

Seth reminds us that modern companies (not airline companies, companies in general) need pilots less than ever. Companies need “instigators and navigators, rabble rousers and innovators“, he says. I couldn’t agree more. To have that kind of people companies need to change – quickly. I have been working for multinational companies and I can see […]

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Inflation and interest rate

Although I didn’t major in Economics I do manage to understand some of its theories. One thing I find interesting to post about is the relationship between inflation and interest rate. In simple terms, interest rate is the economy way of knowing how much money costs. When inflation is rising countries (or regions) normally rise […]

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I was reading John Chow‘s feed and there was a post about Web Hosting recommendations, on which I was about to comment that I’m quite happy with BlueHost, although I don’t get the kind of traffic he was posting about. So, John was saying that he has his blog hosted on a machine of his […]

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