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I started this blog and it has been quite fun.

Managing a blog is quite a challenge. You have to deal with editorial issues (what to write about and how to write), technical issues (crafting the blog to your own taste and constantly readjusting it) and promotion/communication issues, that are the essence of online communities – in order to be “someone” online you need to create strong connections with other bloggers, sites and whatever you can get that suits your need.

Having a blog is like entrepreneurship, on a more limited sphere: it’s up to you do it but you need to convince others to buy-in your concepts. My recommendation if that if you’re thinking somewhere in the future to be an entrepreneur, try to manage a blog – it’s a small task compared to the real-World challenges, but you’ll certainly start to understand what you need to be successful.

Now the numbers (07-Dec-2006 through 07-Jan-2007):

  • Unique visitors: 1402
  • Number of visits: 2784
  • Pages: 14302
  • Hits: 42715
  • December daily average hits: 731,4
  • January daily average hits: 2861,57 (a 291% growth)

First month stats

I believe these stats are awesome. They can be somehow skewed, because it’s counting my own visits, the administration pages, and some other non-human visits (such as feedburner feed fetcher), but nonetheless I’m very proud of the number of hits this blog has been able to gather.

Another interesting thing is my Technorati ranking: 135 913. Not bad… By the way, you like me blog you can subscribe it and, if you use Technorati, add it to your Technorati Favorites.

For the record, the three most visited posts were:

  1. Back from Christmas
  2. Google Reader New Feature: Subscription Trends
  3. Microsoft’s Year

Thank you for reading my blog. As always, any suggestion, advice or anything you’d like to tell me, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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  1. CF Janeiro 9, 2007 at 0:33 #

    Nice move Pedro !!!! You get inspiration for your posts everywhere from everybody 🙂 Be allways alert !!!!!

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