Bribery survey

Transparency International has published this year’s Global Corruption Barometer, that “assesses general public attitudes toward and experience of corruption in dozens of countries around the world“.

From my quick read I found out two or three interesting statistics:

  • African and Latin America countries still are the countries where bribe is most frequent;
  • Greece has much greater bribe experience than other EU countries (Greece: 17%; EU Average: 2%);
  • Portugal (my home country) is one of the least corrupted countries of the World.

Transparency International also has a index of foreign bribery, i.e. countries that bribe most across the globe. This is a interesting read, we can note that the World most powerful countries are also the greatest bribers. On the #1 spot we have Switzerland, famous for its integrity and banking system (Oops). Portugal ranks 16th, that’s also not good.

Something also interesting is the Corruption Perceptions Index. Go ahead and give a look at the whole surveys site, it has lots of interesting info.

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  1. André Sá Dezembro 7, 2006 at 19:45 #

    wrote about a similar topic in, not bribery, but corruption and how it could be linked to seemingly unrelated factors, such as parking tickets, and diplomatic immunity…

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