Corporate Christmas Party

My company’s Christmas Party was yesterday and, let me tell you, it was great.

First of all it was a double event: Christmas Party and Kick-off for the next year. So, we did not only have an occasion to celebrate Christmas together, as well as to enjoy our great operational results and understand what to expect next year.

Of the Kick-Off I really enjoyed listening to a special guest: the head coach of the Portuguese Rugby Union – Tomaz Morais. He’s a great speaker. And from the way he talks and what he told us shows that he’s also a incredible strategist and leader. And the need we have for good leaders…

Tomas showed us how he plans games, motivates players, builds a tightly-coupled team and achieves goals. He’s a well rounded manager, before the game, during the game, after the game and between games.

The Christmas party was quite nice, but I’d highlight Pedro Tocha‘s performance, a great stand-up comedian.

It was really cold at the dinner, that really was the only negative point. But Overall: Very good. Great speakers, nice dinner and wonderful companion.

Última actualização: 15/12/2006

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