Delegation – Addendum

Michael Wade has a great blog about management and related subjects and given his expertise I asked him to give us his view about Delegation. He was kind enough to leave a very precious comment.

His notes are a valuable addendum to my previous post about delegation and are important enough to be on a post of its own, so here they go (hope you don’t mind the editing, Michael):

Make sure they [the people to who you’re delegating tasks] have sufficient resources and authority to do the task and that they don’t have to waste time getting your clearance in order to use the resources.

Set interim deadlines as well as a final one so you can prevent procrastination and learn of any communication problems.

Don’t delegate tasks, such as terminating an employee, that are truly your responsibility.

Tell people what you want to see in the finished product and then tell them what you don’t want to see.

Michael, once again thanks for your fast and wonderful input.

Última actualização: 03/12/2010

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