Fair trade

A commodity is only a commodity if you treat it as one“. Quote from Seth’s post “The story always matters“.

Seth touches a very sensitive point – our principles and values. Most of us are against child labor, slavering and bad-working conditions. But do we really care when we’re buying something? I guess not, unfortunately. Why does that happen?

  • It’s a distant reality (sometimes not so far away);
  • We don’t remember to think about that;
  • We care about the price tag.

That’s the way it works. I believe it will change, because more and more we are gaining self-conscience about this problem. There is also a growing number of organization trying to protect fair trade: Fairtrade Foundation, Fair Trade Federation and Oxgam Internation, to name a few.

Some years ago Timor suffered a huge massacre from Indonesia. In Portugal there was great discontentment with the situation (partly because Timor was once a Portuguese colony) and a general boycott to Indonesian products was made.

That boycott had its results. Maybe it’s time for us to start boycotting the companies that show no respect for every human-being.

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