Good Morning 2007

2007: here we are!

I hope all of you started the New Year on the right foot. I did. It’s not that a calendar rules our lifes, but this moment is a great opportunity for us to check our “life-balance”, (re)call our path and set up goals for the future.

It’s your chance to pursuit your vision.

Última actualização: 02/01/2007


2 comentários a Good Morning 2007

  1. CF Janeiro 6, 2007 at 22:26 #


    Nice words……in few years I think you will be having these speaches for all Portuguese people as they president 🙂
    VOTE FOR PEDRO !!!!!!!
    I have defnetly started the new year with the right foot…….in the company of my great friends. Thanks !!!!!

  2. Pedro Pais Janeiro 7, 2007 at 2:33 #

    😀 You’re so funny!!!

    You are the ONE we all should thank. I’m [and surely we are] really thankful you did what you did to have all of us together.

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