Google Synonyms

We already know that Google (Search) is a great tool, but do we fully use its features?

At Google Operating System I read a post about auto-correcting queries. I knew about this feature, but never gave much thought about it, but we must acknowledge that sometimes it can be quite useful. Not to mention that it’s a significant technological challenge.

The ~ operator

Another feature few people know about is the ~ (tilde) operator. The ~ operator tells Google to search for the given keyword or its synonyms. That’s right, Google knows word synonyms, isn’t that wonderful?


Just type “~word” at Google Search. E.g. to search for “auto” or its synonyms, just type “~auto” in Google Search. That query will return results containing words such as “auto”, “car”, “vehicle”, etc. So go on, try it.

For more information about other Google Search operators see this cheatsheet.

Última actualização: 08/06/2012

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