How many bloggers does it take to shift traditional lightbulbs dominance?

Seth grabbed my attention with his post about the urge to switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs).

Here are some of the top advantages of CFLs over traditional lightbulbs:

  • Last longer (8-10x)
  • Use less energy (75% less)
  • Generate 90% less heat – they won’t burn your fingers if you touch them
  • Deliver more light from each watt
  • Over the lifetime of the bulb it will make you save money (e.g. a 20 watts CFL will substitute a 75 watt lightbulb and make you save $66 over its lifetime

And those are only the direct advantages to you. There are also great benefits to the environment and it will make your country less dependent on energy. It’s your chance to change the World.

Seth also asks why people don’t change to CFLs. I have an idea why.
It’s easier for most people to perceive the short and very short-term benefits of traditional lightbulbs over the long-term benefits of CFLs.
Traditional lightbulbs are initially cheaper and quicker to gain full-power light.
But it’s that better than saving money over the long-term (when it really matters)? Or than preserving this World resources for the next generations? Or even than helping your country be less oil-dependent? I guess not. It’s up to you.

Sites I researched to write this post (besides Seth’s): New Light On Energy Conservation and Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Lighting. For more resources I recommend you to use this Google query.

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4 comentários a How many bloggers does it take to shift traditional lightbulbs dominance?

  1. Castor Janeiro 3, 2007 at 17:54 #

    I’ll definitely use CFLs in my house.

  2. Pedro Pais Janeiro 3, 2007 at 18:46 #

    Wonderful choice Castor 😉

  3. CF Janeiro 3, 2007 at 19:26 #

    I allready use CFL’s at my home and must say that you are missing a point. I agree with you guys that we should use CFL’s but let’s not generalize. The CFL are better for the reasons that you just said, but they consum more power when you turn them on then the tradicional lightbulbs, therefore, there are some situations where you should use traditional lightbulbs, p.e. when you just need to pick something and turn the light off (when you only need light for less then 5 minutes).

  4. Pedro Pais Janeiro 3, 2007 at 21:32 #


    You’re probably right, but for most cases they are the optimal choice.

    They might not be the right choice for the cases you mentioned, when you only need light for very short bursts of time.

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