How to behave at meetings – top 5

In companies, meetings have been one the preferred methods of discussing issues, solutions and mainly any kind of subject.

Over the years I’ve been attending lots of meetings, so I’m starting to understand the behavior one should adopt to maximize their effectiveness. So here goes my top 5 list.

  1. First of all listen. Unless everyone expects you to speak first, listen to what people are about to say. Let them have the first word. Whatever they say, right or wrong, you’ll have the opportunity to think about it and then participate adequately.
  2. Let people finish their thoughts. In the heat of the moment it’s normal for you to get all excited and start interrupting everyone with that very important thing you really have to say. But wait the other person stops talking, otherwise you can be sure he/she won’t listen to you.
  3. Take notes. Taking notes is very important because it keeps you focused on the meeting’s subject and also you’ll be happy to look at them later and remember that important point you agreed on.
  4. Show true interest. Confess, you really like when people show interest on what you’re saying and when they even ask you to further elaborate. Do the same to everyone else.
  5. Tell stories. People love stories. If you have a story that relates to the subject in discussion, tell it. If you had some kind of personal/professional experience that will help the discussion, tell it. There’s nothing like a good true life example to bring people “back” to the meeting.

As you can imagine, as you get more and more experience you’ll develop your own special behavior at meetings. The important thing is to think about your last meetings and try to discover new ways to improve them.

Última actualização: 16/01/2007

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