Merry Wii

It seems like I was right and the expected has happened: Nintendo is this Christmas’ top sales performer.

Check out this recent headlines: Nintendo Wii Sales surge in Japan, Nintendo Wii steals the Christmas show, Wii outsells PS3 by more than 3-to-1 in Japan andWii Sniffs One Million Mark in Japan.

Once again, why do I think that’s happening? It’s just because it provides an awesome user experience. You can have fun, easily and in a natural and very enjoyable way.

Always remember: people want solutions, not features. Some people may want to know about PS3’s cell processor or graphic power, but most of us just want to enjoy the little leisure time we have left. So… grab a Wii while they’re hot.

Última actualização: 16/01/2012


2 comentários a Merry Wii

  1. Mary Dezembro 31, 2006 at 2:22 #

    You nailed it! Most of us really want to enjoy our leisure time. I won’t grab a wii… it might slip out of my fingers and go sailing into … my dog, my other dog, my tv, the window, my hubby…

    you made me laugh!


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