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Nowadays we’re watching a new interesting trend: the adoption of RSS feeds.

It started as a geek tool, but I believe it is expanding quickly because people need more and more to get updated information, there are a numerous feed readers (e.g. Google Reader), every version becoming easier to use, and it allows people to focus on the most important: content.

To help RSS Feed’s growth there are even some sites that are creating content exclusively for feeds. Isn’t that a great step?

As a promotion effort let me tell you that I do have a RSS feed for my blog at I appreciate your subscription.

If you still don’t fully understand what RSS is all about, I suggest you consult this simple tutorial. I’m also available, in case you need my help.

Última actualização: 16/01/2012


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  1. ngrpukuboz Maio 25, 2007 at 20:24 #

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