Setting objectives for people is one of the hardest task a manager can find. That may not be true for every function out there (e.g. budget-oriented people).

One thing is to benchmark a person’s activity, such as Invoices processed, for an Accounts Payable worker. One other thing it to evaluate a person with an highly intellectual and skilled function.

Take a management consultant as an example. It’s a typical functional that can only be evaluated by subjective means. Yes, you can use a metric like chargeability (or utilization), but that’s highly skewed because the factors influencing it are more exogenous than endogenous. So, how can you evaluate a consultant’s work?

  • Client satisfaction;
  • Problem-solving capabilities in practice;
  • Effectiveness of presentations;
  • Going that “extra-mile”;
  • Amount of overtime (industry joke);
  • Many others.

So what do we got? A bunch of highly subjective measurements whose targets are very hard to define and even harder to quantify. Believe me, most of the time they’re useless and just a guideline for your activity.

What really counts is what people think of you. The way your manager feels about you and your work. The way your clients talk about you. The way you act.

Always remember that in order to get great feedback you need to be a hard worker, productive and achiever (whatever your goals may, or may not, be). But you must be sure that the right people know what you do.

It’s not enough to do it – Promote yourself!

Última actualização: 10/12/2006

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