One step behind

As a company you can position yourself on the market as a first-mover or a follower. Each of this approaches as it own advantages (e.g. first-movers get there first, followers don’t need to make as many mistakes) and disadvantages (e.g. it normally costs much to be a first-mover, followers sometimes can’t penetrate a market).

Either one can be a good strategy, if implemented correctly.

Now, if you want to be a follower, don’t be a fool at the same time. If you read this post (totally biased), you can understand what are the possible consequences of being a slow follower, you just lose the momentum.

In my opinion, Yahoo is such an emblematic company they should not follow Google, they should thrive to surpass it quickly and regain its once-remarkable notoriety.

In the meantime, if Yahoo does need to be a follower, then be quick, agile and flexible. Otherwise it will be target for similar jokes and, even worse, suffer consequences from the stock market:

Yahoo's stock declining

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