Business competition is on rise and it isn’t likely to slow down. It means companies need to continually improve their efficiency, which translates to do better with less resources.

Intellectual capital is the top-valued resource and guess what, it must improve its efficiency. So, we must improve our efficiency. So we work harder, smarter, with better methods and approaches. But that doesn’t seem enough. What comes next? Overtime

And what’s the problem with overtime, besides making you turn away of your family, skip your appointments and missing important parts of your life? It’s that, as a growing trend, overtime isn’t payed. Because overtime costs money and money is a vital resource and, therefore, it must be used efficiently. And well, it’s your company, you must make it succeed no matter what.

Recurring overtime plus no immediate (or visible) reward equals unhappy, unsatisfied AND, guess what, low marginal productivity employees!

Overtime happens and everyone can deal with it. But recurrent overtime is just the result of poor planning, bad managers, disrespect for employees and greed.

Última actualização: 15/12/2006

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