One step behind

As a company you can position yourself on the market as a first-mover or a follower. Each of this approaches as it own advantages (e.g. first-movers get there first, followers don’t need to make as many mistakes) and disadvantages (e.g. it normally costs much to be a first-mover, followers sometimes can’t penetrate a market). Either […]

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Setting objectives for people is one of the hardest task a manager can find. That may not be true for every function out there (e.g. budget-oriented people). One thing is to benchmark a person’s activity, such as Invoices processed, for an Accounts Payable worker. One other thing it to evaluate a person with an highly […]

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AGLOCO – Earn some money online

Back to the good old days! Now we can [probably] earn some good money by doing something we really like: surf the internet. AGLOCO is a new Internet Venture where you get shares and money by browsing the net while using their viewbar, as well by the time your referrals spend doing it. If you’re […]

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You should start young

Great post by John Chow. Read it and understand why you should start doing “your business” as soon as possible. I haven’t done it that way and feel I should’ve. The older you get the riskier it gets, you have more responsibilities, more to lose, more preoccupations… Follow my advice, follow John’s.

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Employees first

While reading How to do well by doing good, by, I saw this interesting paragraph from Howard Schultz, Starbucks‘ chairman: [..] we tried everything we could to exceed the expectations of our customers. But we knew that to achieve that goal we had to first exceed the expectations of our people. [..]. That was […]

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We don’t need pilots

Seth reminds us that modern companies (not airline companies, companies in general) need pilots less than ever. Companies need “instigators and navigators, rabble rousers and innovators“, he says. I couldn’t agree more. To have that kind of people companies need to change – quickly. I have been working for multinational companies and I can see […]

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