Simple things -> Great Results

Some awesome results come from very simple ideas and actions. I was reminded by this while reading a MySQL improving post. When was the last time you discovered that little secret that really unleashed your productivity? Or, if you’re tech-oriented, that single, miraculous tweak that abruptly improved your software/hardware/user-experience performance? Or, in a more social […]

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In Portugal is quite common for people to be ashamed of their own country or of their fellow citizens. I really think this is not the right way to rationalize about the country’s (and its citizens’) events, because we’re failing some premises: People and countries should be judged (at this level) over the long-term. It’s […]

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Help from Above: Firebug

If you are a webmaster, have a blog or need to play around with a website you must be using Firefox. If you’re not using Firefox you have [another] great reason to: Firebug. Firebug is a Firefox extension that allows you to “edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page“. […]

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Google Finance Restyling

Just read that Google Finance has been updated, after 6 months of “hard work” (so they say). From my quick peek I found out that the huge differences are on the homepage and in a new way to add your Portfolio to your Google Personalized Homepage. One thing that really is interesting is their Top […]

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Mighty feed

Nowadays we’re watching a new interesting trend: the adoption of RSS feeds. It started as a geek tool, but I believe it is expanding quickly because people need more and more to get updated information, there are a numerous feed readers (e.g. Google Reader), every version becoming easier to use, and it allows people to […]

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Wii are a success :)

As noted everywhere, Nintendo Wii sales are very succesful. But why’s that? Wii’s is most likely the console with the least processing/graphic power and I dare to say they won’t have as many agreements with game editors as Sony or Microsoft. Wii’s has got Wiimote “a controller that hat motion sensing capability, which allows the […]

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