Google AdSense fair use

Adsense is [most certainly] bloggers’ prime stream of revenues. Therefore everyone tries to increase his/hers CTR, often using some techniques that are, at least, questionable. One of those techniques is to lay images side-by-side with Google ads (see example below), so people click the ad without noticing it’s a ad, therefore generating revenues for the […]

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The great Human hand

Mankind has been evolving at a great rhythm and some areas, such as medicine and veterinary medicine, have experienced incredible progress. Even though, not every single problem can be solved by using modern technology and techniques, and there are some times when all we can hope for is human compassion and physical ability. As an […]

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Your stories, your news

Just after Time announced You as the person of the year 2006, Digg gets a facelift and new features. Digg is one of the most important sites regarding the importance of the individual contribution. It’s a site where people submit stories (news) and the most digged news go to the front page. It started with […]

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Oops, they did it again

Sony is a great company and I’m proud to say I have a friend working there (we’re waiting you…). But sometimes I just don’t get it, what are you guys thinking about? First it was the protected audio CDs, that came what to be the perfect hacker’s toolkit. Then the exploding batteries. 4.1 million batteries. […]

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[They] Want It All

Today I went to a great friend’s birthday party. It was a surprise party, prearranged by his girlfriend. Everything went great except for two things: The service was very very slow and I believe we waited more than hour before dinner was served; We were 30, but it was scheduled to be 31 people. Anyway, […]

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People want solutions

Evan Williams posts that “People like Features” and that, as an example, it is a misattribution to say that Ipod is successful because it lacks features. Concerning the Ipod, I agree with him, but not for the same reason. Ipod is succesful because it has only the required features, because it’s a great portable audio […]

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