Business competition is on rise and it isn’t likely to slow down. It means companies need to continually improve their efficiency, which translates to do better with less resources. Intellectual capital is the top-valued resource and guess what, it must improve its efficiency. So, we must improve our efficiency. So we work harder, smarter, with […]

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Corporate Christmas Party

My company’s Christmas Party was yesterday and, let me tell you, it was great. First of all it was a double event: Christmas Party and Kick-off for the next year. So, we did not only have an occasion to celebrate Christmas together, as well as to enjoy our great operational results and understand what to […]

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Simple things -> Great Results

Some awesome results come from very simple ideas and actions. I was reminded by this while reading a MySQL improving post. When was the last time you discovered that little secret that really unleashed your productivity? Or, if you’re tech-oriented, that single, miraculous tweak that abruptly improved your software/hardware/user-experience performance? Or, in a more social […]

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In Portugal is quite common for people to be ashamed of their own country or of their fellow citizens. I really think this is not the right way to rationalize about the country’s (and its citizens’) events, because we’re failing some premises: People and countries should be judged (at this level) over the long-term. It’s […]

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Help from Above: Firebug

If you are a webmaster, have a blog or need to play around with a website you must be using Firefox. If you’re not using Firefox you have [another] great reason to: Firebug. Firebug is a Firefox extension that allows you to “edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page“. […]

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Google Finance Restyling

Just read that Google Finance has been updated, after 6 months of “hard work” (so they say). From my quick peek I found out that the huge differences are on the homepage and in a new way to add your Portfolio to your Google Personalized Homepage. One thing that really is interesting is their Top […]

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