Inflation and interest rate

Although I didn’t major in Economics I do manage to understand some of its theories. One thing I find interesting to post about is the relationship between inflation and interest rate. In simple terms, interest rate is the economy way of knowing how much money costs. When inflation is rising countries (or regions) normally rise […]

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I was reading John Chow‘s feed and there was a post about Web Hosting recommendations, on which I was about to comment that I’m quite happy with BlueHost, although I don’t get the kind of traffic he was posting about. So, John was saying that he has his blog hosted on a machine of his […]

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Wii in Portugal

As reported by Tek, Wii will reach Portuguese stores tomorrow at 0:00 (Portuguese content). The stated price will be €250, and there will be 5000 consoles for the whole population (not too bad, we’re about 10 million). I can’t wait to try out Wii, after seeing videos of people playing with it – really seems […]

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Bribery survey

Transparency International has published this year’s Global Corruption Barometer, that “assesses general public attitudes toward and experience of corruption in dozens of countries around the world“. From my quick read I found out two or three interesting statistics: African and Latin America countries still are the countries where bribe is most frequent; Greece has much […]

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WordPress is really a great tool. Not only does it fit any regular blogger needs but it also is suitable for any generic site. I have a strong technical background, but nonetheless I feel that WordPress is the kind of software that’s going to bring technology to people*. You shouldn’t really need any special knowledge […]

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