People want solutions

Evan Williams posts that “People like Features” and that, as an example, it is a misattribution to say that Ipod is successful because it lacks features.

Concerning the Ipod, I agree with him, but not for the same reason. Ipod is succesful because it has only the required features, because it’s a great portable audio solution. Solution is the keyword.

It’s not that people don’t like features, it’s just that [most] people don’t really care about them. What people care about are solutions, products/services that solve their problems or needs.

Let’s say I’m buying a toothbrush. What I’m looking for is a object that does a good job cleaning my teeth. Of course I’ll pay attention to some details, like if it’s soft so that it doesn’t hurt my gums.
Summarizing, I’m not looking for the toothbrush that has x or y fibres and a head with an inclination of z degrees, I’m looking for a toothbrush that effectively cleans my teeth while maintaining my gums healthy.

We all want solutions. We don’t care about features.

Última actualização: 16/12/2006

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