In Portugal is quite common for people to be ashamed of their own country or of their fellow citizens.

I really think this is not the right way to rationalize about the country’s (and its citizens’) events, because we’re failing some premises:

  • People and countries should be judged (at this level) over the long-term. It’s not just because something odd happened or a group of citizens acted badly that we should immediately mark them.
  • If it’s that bad than we should, somehow, try to understand people motivations. Unless we consider everybody’s crazy and acts without valid reasons.
  • And well… what did we really do to make the country a better place and to contribute to our fellows citizens life? Unless you are one of those very active citizens, you would’ve to share the guilt with everyone else.

Me… I’m proud

To live in Portugal,

Portuguese Flag

To be an European Union citizen,

EU Flag

And to share the World with all of you.


Última actualização: 14/12/2006


2 comentários a Pride

  1. Angad Dezembro 14, 2006 at 8:04 #

    I completely agree with you! I’m at time very embarrassed by my country but people should understand to judge me what I am and not by someone else who happens to live in my country.

  2. Pedro Pais Dezembro 14, 2006 at 13:29 #

    Angad, that’s a common, yet dramatic, problem of our societies.

    People tend to generalize bad things about others, just because a small fraction of those do (or did) something wrong. This kind of discrimination can happen based in country, race, ethnicity, location, religion and many other factors.

    Although I’m totally against this practice I do understand why people think that way. I also understand that’s our and every government’s role to change mentalities.

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