Self pingbacks

If you use WordPress you probably know that if you link from one of your posts to another you receive a pingback, although both posts are yours. Some people like this to happen. I don’t, it clutters up my comments.

So, instead of using full urls (e.g. I started using relative urls (e.g. /about), that way I wouldn’t receive my own pingbacks – DON’T DO THIS, it is likely to mess up with your feeds.

You see, if you use relative urls (e.g. /about) your reader’s feed agreggator (or feedburner or similar) may use a different base url and you end up with useless links (e.g. instead of /about pointing to, it could wrongly point to

What to do then? Use full urls and install this WordPress plugin: No Self Pings

Última actualização: 03/12/2010

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