The cost of old platforms

The issue

Over the last days, my graphics card was acting quite strangely and I was getting many error messages related to ATI drivers and applications. I knew something was about to happen.

And so it happened. Today my computer refused to boot into Windows and all I got was the infamous BSOD – the graphics card was in cardiac arrest.

The quest

So, there I went to buy a new graphics card. I wasn’t looking for something special (I thought), all I needed was an ATI (don’t know why, but I really like ATI) card, with AGP support. I didn’t read any reviews, I just wanted something below €50!

Oh boy, was I wrong! It seems nowadays the current standard is PCI-Express, and finding an AGP graphics card is an incredible challenge.

On the first store there weren’t any.

On the second store there weren’t any.

On the third store there was one AGP graphics card but it was over €100 and well below PCI-Express entry-level cards. A total rip-off.

Finally, on the fourth store there was the graphics card I was looking for: AGP, 128Mb and €50. And yeah, its specs are still way below PCI-Express similar price cards.


This situation was a good example of the costs involved in maintaining an old platform/system/whatever.

We may not want to spend some money updating something that currently suits our needs (although it may be outdated), but over the long-term we’ll understand that taking that decision may involve unpredictable extra costs (money and time) to replace faulty components, that aren’t now readily and widely available.

In the corporate world, those kind of decisions are very important. It’s crucial to save money now, but a balance must be obtained with the need of having the needed support (human and material) and the long-term costs of the current situation.

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