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Over my work experience I’ve found that one of the most demanding challenges large companies have is information management (I’d call it information availability). If properly managed it can be an awesome competitive advantage, because you won’t waste resources finding and creating solutions to problems already addressed in the past.

The problem is that people don’t have time to centrally organize, categorize and include metadata (data about their data/information) on their documents, not to mention that those task are quite tedious. Therefore, two things generally happen:

  1. People keep their files exclusively on their computer;
  2. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll keep their files on a network share.

So, 1st step: make ways for them to put all their files on a network share. This can range from just telling people how files should be stored to forcing them to do it (e.g. disabling write access to their own disk). Suit yourself.

Now that you have that information stored in a central place you need to give meaning to it. What’s your favorite tool for searching information? Yeah, you guessed it: Google. Google has the Google Search Appliance, that indexes documents and makes knowledge search a breeze – use it like you regularly use Google. Did I mention that through its OneBox feature it also indexes information of common large enterprise applications, such as Oracle, Lotus, SAS and Salesforce? And yes, it’s extensible.

A curious application of this technology at Google itself.

There are certainly better approaches, such as implementing a Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Solution, but with the presented solution I believe you’ll get an easy solution with quick results and. It will certainly help you stop being one step behind.

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