The saga continues

As everyone knows I’m quite a fan of Wii (and haven’t played with it, yet), so I’m quite happy to bring you two bits of interesting information:

Rui Carmo‘s has bought a Wii and was kind enough to leave us a pre-review of his experience so far. Allow me to quote him:

“Wii Play is great fun, especially when played with someone else.[…] the games are simple, straightforward, and extremely fun for casual gamers like myself, and the physicality of the thing just feels right.”

The second thing about Wii is this (not to recent) video. I discovered it through a Vitor Rodriguespost about PS3 vs Wii.

Aren’t those another bunch of good reasons to go and grab a Wii?

Última actualização: 24/12/2010


4 comentários a The saga continues

  1. Vitor Rodrigues Janeiro 3, 2007 at 0:06 #

    num e’ VD… e’ VR 🙂

  2. Pedro Pais Janeiro 3, 2007 at 0:13 #

    Oops… Já está corrigido.

    I beg your pardon.

  3. CF Janeiro 6, 2007 at 23:02 #

    I want a Wii all by miself !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pedro Pais Janeiro 7, 2007 at 2:39 #

    Wii? I thought you wanted a Teresinha 😛

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