We don’t need pilots

Seth reminds us that modern companies (not airline companies, companies in general) need pilots less than ever.

Companies need “instigators and navigators, rabble rousers and innovators“, he says. I couldn’t agree more.

To have that kind of people companies need to change – quickly. I have been working for multinational companies and I can see that’s absurdly hard to do (or try to) something different, something innovative.

Companies will say that’s it’s a big hassle, costs too much, can’t be done or they don’t like it. But they won’t remember that on your evaluation feedback – on which they’ll tell you to be more creative and find new approaches to solve problems (oh yeah…).

Maybe on Google things work out different, but I’d bet that at major multinational companies you will certainly have a tortuous path if you don’t go by the book.

Última actualização: 08/12/2006

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