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Just after Time announced You as the person of the year 2006, Digg gets a facelift and new features.

Digg is one of the most important sites regarding the importance of the individual contribution. It’s a site where people submit stories (news) and the most digged news go to the front page. It started with a clear focus on technology, but it’s quickly expanding to other areas (e.g. World & Business). Digg tries to shift away from the Slashdot perspective, where stories were accepted by editors, a limited number of people, misrepresentative of the general public.

So Digg has not only been facelifted (I really like the new layout) but also new features have been included, from which I highlight the new Video and Podcast section.

Now you know: for breaking news check Digg. Don’t just be a passive user, participate. After all, you are the person of the year 2006.

Última actualização: 03/12/2010

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